Turnbull and Thomas offer a wide range of wardrobes and armoires that will suit all your clothing storage needs. Whether it be a single wardrobe for guest bedrooms and smaller spaces or larger double/ triple wardrobe for communal storage. Crafted from the highest quality materials which include solid wood, metal and glass. Each wardrobe is finished; natural, painted or mirrored giving you a range of designs to choose from. 

Boho Boutique Open Wardrobe None
Boho Retreat Open Wardrobe None
New Jersey Oak Single Wardrobe None
New Jersey Oak Triple Wardrobe None

New Jersey Oak Triple Wardrobe



Black Fayence Mirrored Wardrobe None

Black Fayence Mirrored Wardrobe



Large Triple Mirrored Wardrobe None

Large Triple Mirrored Wardrobe



Ribchester Oak Double Wardrobe None

Ribchester Oak Double Wardrobe



French White Antibes Carved Armoire None
Rossendale Single Wardrobe None
Ogee Double Robe None

Ogee Double Robe



Ascot Single Wardrobe None

Ascot Single Wardrobe



Ogee Combination Robe None

Ogee Combination Robe



Oakleigh Double Wardrobe None

Oakleigh Double Wardrobe



Vermont Double Wardrobe None

Vermont Double Wardrobe



Cottage Triple Wardrobe None

Cottage Triple Wardrobe



Ascot Double Wardrobe None

Ascot Double Wardrobe



Montana Triple Wardrobe None

Montana Triple Wardrobe



Ogee Triple Robe None

Ogee Triple Robe



Oakleigh Triple Wardrobe None

Oakleigh Triple Wardrobe



Vermont Triple Wardrobe None

Vermont Triple Wardrobe



Ascot Triple Wardrobe None

Ascot Triple Wardrobe



Redmire Triple Wardrobe None

Redmire Triple Wardrobe



Redmire Gents Wardrobe None

Redmire Gents Wardrobe



Redmire Full Hanging Wardrobe None
Mormont Bedroom Combi Wardrobe None
Harrogate 3 Door Wardrobe None

Harrogate 3 Door Wardrobe



Harrogate 2 Door Wardrobe None

Harrogate 2 Door Wardrobe



Harrogate Combi Wardrobe None

Harrogate Combi Wardrobe



Appleby 3 Door Wardrobe None

Appleby 3 Door Wardrobe



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