NEW Voyage Maison Curtains Collection

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Open your eyes and start the day gazing at the new Voyage Maison curtains collection. The incredibly talented in house artist team have designed what can only be described as overwhelmingly beautiful paintings. Each hand drawn painting is digitally transferred onto the highest quality linen fabric, capturing every mesmerising detail. With 5 collections and a variety of sizes available we need them all. Continue reading NEW Voyage Maison Curtains Collection

7 Dressing Table Sets That Will Become The Centre Of Your Dressing Room

7 Dressing Table Sets That Will Become The Centre Of Your Dressing Room

If you have the space in your bedroom or have the luxury of a dressing room, a beautifully-designed dressing table can add a real touch of style and class, as well as practical storage. If you are thinking of buying one, but don’t know what sort of design to go for, here are 7 styles to consider. Continue reading 7 Dressing Table Sets That Will Become The Centre Of Your Dressing Room

4 Fantastic Vases To Show Off Your Valentine's Day Flowers

4 Fantastic Vases To Show Off Your Valentine’s Day Flowers

With sales of roses going through the roof at this time of year, show off your gorgeous Valentine’s Day flowers to their best with a spectacular vase to complement the beautiful blooms. The right vase can make a real focal point in a room and change the whole look. Take a look at some of our favourites. Continue reading 4 Fantastic Vases To Show Off Your Valentine’s Day Flowers


Shop for Console and Dining Tables + New Product Sneak Peaks

Good Afternoon all, it’s a new week, and it’s a new blog from the Turnbull & Thomas Company – with a rush of new products coming in everyday, we wanted to showcase our vibrant Coach Furniture console tables and dining tables. The range expands by the week and our new chat services, enabling you to track your parcel during working hours, with rapid deliveries around the UK; you could say customers are now in the driver’s seat. We also have new Gallery Direct furniture coming soon, with a few sneak-peaks available in this blog. In addition, we wanted to show you how you can receive finance for products if needed, as we ensure to always have your interests as our priorities.



This is the bright and bold collective table, standing 80 cm tall, made with a chemically darkened, double-glazed plastic surface, also featuring a gold metal frame finish.

Typically great for social gatherings, a table one could place in the hallway, bedroom, living room, or as a television unit. This modern/ sleek structure that brings sophistication and style to any room, showing its elegance when sunlight hits the frame, it’s a stunning piece that brightens the room. View the matching occasional table to this table>>


This is the extravagant, yet bold collective table, standing 90 cm tall, made with a layer of marble for the surface, also featuring a chrome metal frame finish.

A great table for homes with silver and grey interiors. The width makes it adaptive in tight spaces, also making it a table for beverages at social gatherings. The long legs to this structure ensures safety from the kids, and the strong metal limits its breaking. View the matching dining table to this table>>


The new range from Gallery are on its way, with products including drawer chests, cushions, and wardrobes. The colours and fabrics/ materials span to nothing short of luxurious – with linens, wools, oak wood, and many more. Like our page on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Pinterest to find out the latest on our products coming in every week. We also have a newsletter coming out this week with the full range of the new Coach Furniture.


All customers are now welcome to chat with our staff, now we are able to make contact with you during your shopping experience with us. The Turnbull & Thomas team are here for your support, whereby we can have a live chat, telephone us, or leave your email if your inquiry has not been attended to. The chat has a ‘Rate’ us button, which we would truly appreciate if you took the time to make a small comment about our services.


This is the thick walnut veneer and stainless steel dining table with the extending section – that can be used for chopping vegetables, seating an infant, balancing delicate objects, and much more. A modern table from Coach Furniture featuring a polished metal detail that can make your dining room seem effortlessly stylish. View its matching dining chair>>


Adding a dash of class and modernism to your dining room/ kitchen, this plump and grey concrete table can seat up-to 8 people, and its firmness ensures durability. From the Coach Furniture range, a concrete table brings style, dominance, and sophistication; with history as rich and empowering, with concrete tables originating from Ancient Egypt and the Romans. This is a stunning table that will stand firm and gloriously in your home for many decades to come, guaranteed. View its matching dining chairs>>



Ideal 4 Finance offer finance to customers who are unable to pay for our products; within that specific period.

People Eligible – Tenants | Home Owners | Self Employed | Employed | Retired

Follow the link to apply:

Or Call: 01772 671355


T  R  U  S  T  P  I  L  O  T


TrustPilot is one our partnerships in ensuring you a quality shopping experience. We have had many customers rating our products and services this month, and would like for you to participate:

If you are one of our wonderful previous customers who had a great shopping experience with us, then feel free to drop a comment on our Google Reviews. It would be greatly appreciated:,3,


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Five Dining Sets That Will Make You A Unforgettable Host

Five Dining Sets That Will Make You A Unforgettable Host

Hosting the perfect dinner party is an art. There’s so much more to it than delicious food, such as who will be invited and where will they sit? Your dining room should be arranged to encourage conversation and to help it flow, so consider that when setting the table. Floral centrepieces can really set off the table, just make sure the vase is not too big as it might dominate the room or block conversation between guests. Continue reading Five Dining Sets That Will Make You A Unforgettable Host

The Big January Ebay Sale

The Big January EBay Sale

This January is an exciting month for both Turnbull & Thomas and you! As we have all new sofas and cushions coming in – every day for the next week will become a potentially exciting month for you too. Never have we been so proud to present our cushions/sofa range, the respected Voyage Maison partnership with Turnbull & Thomas has carried value into the products you currently see on our website; to a point that we have decided to also expand our retail onto Ebay and give back to our loyal customers with deals and a huge sale. Follow us to see what’s in store …

Main Logo

With multiple choices to choose from, it’s only right that we explain how the new Coach Furniture sofas are made from unique fabrics:

The Coach Furniture Heath Blue Sofa


The Heath Blue Sofa made from a deep sea blue suede material, manufactured for a stylish and well-maintained living room, bedroom, or hallway; with firmly placed and upholstered cushions. Turnbull & Thomas only select the suedes that have the correct marinating of filters. This sofa is actually made with suede cotton and suede silks that are pre-brushed, and chemically treated for extra softness, which gives the sofa its thick, plush feel. The timeless style of the seat is certified to make your room look amazing.


Coach Furniture Black Buttoned 2 Seater


How about the new high-armed black leather 2 seater sofa? It’s quite the seat, with its delicately designed vegetable tanned leather, medium-levelled position, and crossed-chrome legs. Definitely a great sofa for clubs, hotel lounges, and parties. The leather is tanned using tannin and ingredients from vegetable matter, such as tree bark, roots, leaves, and fruits – then chemically enhanced to a darker complexion to avoid hardening of the leather. The buttoning firms the upholstery of the cushioning, ensuring for its modern and amazing look.



As proud partners of Ideal 4 Finance – finance is now available for all our products:

Ideal4Finance Promo

Link to application:

Or call: 01772 671355



Voyage Maison Cato Footstool Scottie

VOYAGE MAISON CATO FOOTSTOOL SCOTTIEThis is the plump and gorgeous Scottie footstool made out of linen, cotton and wooden legs, manufactured to precision with the Glentress coal grey and creamed colour design. This luxurious cushion carries the checkered pattern around the edges, with a watercolour design of the Scottish terrier in the middle, the softness of the pre-brushed fabrics and low positioning of the seat, symbolises this lovely Northerner dog’s petite size and big heart. A traditional seat that has family written all over it; one for the pets and children. The range expands into dining chairs: view


Voyage Maison Mr Stag Medium Floor Cushion

Mr Stag Floor CushionThis is the ever so colourful, yet modest floor cushion from our large range – featuring a watercolour design of the red deer. Another great and delicately manufactured cushion using 100% linen and 100% wool, made in the UK, and with fibre filling. The Scottish red deer also found in areas of England such as Westmorland, Somerset, Devon, and Ireland; being the biggest influencers on the design of this cushion – with the dark reddish brown front, a wide base, darker grey finish, and pure fabrics pre-brushed to avoid wearing-out. This is a great addition to any room in the house; especially rooms with country interiors or hard floors.

The Manufacturers

Voyage Maison produce an upholstery collection made in Europe on solid beech frames. These are available in any Voyage upholstery fabric creating a unique and personal piece of furniture that is manufactured to order on your behalf. Please call our Showrooms on 01642 309640 for your options to create your bespoke furniture.

The exquisite Coach Furniture collection is the perfect centerpiece to any home. The collections spans from traditional to contemporary furniture ensuring that you will find the perfect piece no matter your preferences. Please feel to contact our helpful, dedicated team for more information or styling advice on 01642 309640.

Or call us at +44(0)1642 309640

Or email us at:


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