Showhome Your Home

New build homes are popping up faster than daisies, everywhere we look there is a new housing community arising from a building site. Each with their brand spanking new showhome that we just can’t resist on snooping round (don’t deny it, we all do it) but as we stroll around these perfectly designed homes with perfectly placed furniture that are so widely out of our price range we look back at our own un-perfect homes and wonder at the possibilities that it may hold but the inspiration is fuzzy, the dream designs are unfinished in our minds with the fear of the price tag being too high. With Turnbull and Thomas those fuzzy, un-determined dreams can become a reality and with these top tips that pristine dream house is just around the corner.

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Turnbull and Thomas Bank Holiday Favourites under £100

The wonderful time of the year when a bank holiday and pay day has once again graced us with its much-needed presence. A full extra day of hoping that the British weather will hold out for just one more day to then be bitterly disappointed when the rain falls harder than a teenager with their first crush, so what do we do now? We shop! Shopping is the therapy we need to get us through the hard realisation that us Brits won’t be getting the summer weather we have longed for. So, to turn that from upside down the wonderful Turnbull and Thomas style team have carefully selected their top purchases under £100, each with their own character that will make you want to bring them home in no time.

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Summer Hols, Summer Jols

What’s more summery than bright flamboyant colours? (Well sun is, but who are we kidding we live in England!) Vivid colours bring so much life to a room not only in Summer but in the dark mists of Winter too, bringing a promise of a nicer day. In a world where neutral is taking over why not add a splash of colour to your home because life is just simply too short to be sitting on a brown sofa. The Turnbull and Thomas Summer Jols colour palette consists of fuchsia, amber, mustard, petrol blue and teal. This pallet is a bright melody of sweet summer tunes that sooth away the dark days. The mixture of warm and cool gives you the diversity to have the best of both worlds.

summer colour pallet_small
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NEW Voyage Maison Curtains Collection

voyage curtains

Open your eyes and start the day gazing at the new Voyage Maison curtains collection. The incredibly talented in house artist team have designed what can only be described as overwhelmingly beautiful paintings. Each hand drawn painting is digitally transferred onto the highest quality linen fabric, capturing every mesmerising detail. With 5 collections and a variety of sizes available we need them all. Continue reading NEW Voyage Maison Curtains Collection

7 Dressing Table Sets That Will Become The Centre Of Your Dressing Room

7 Dressing Table Sets That Will Become The Centre Of Your Dressing Room

If you have the space in your bedroom or have the luxury of a dressing room, a beautifully-designed dressing table can add a real touch of style and class, as well as practical storage. If you are thinking of buying one, but don’t know what sort of design to go for, here are 7 styles to consider. Continue reading 7 Dressing Table Sets That Will Become The Centre Of Your Dressing Room

4 Fantastic Vases To Show Off Your Valentine's Day Flowers

4 Fantastic Vases To Show Off Your Valentine’s Day Flowers

With sales of roses going through the roof at this time of year, show off your gorgeous Valentine’s Day flowers to their best with a spectacular vase to complement the beautiful blooms. The right vase can make a real focal point in a room and change the whole look. Take a look at some of our favourites. Continue reading 4 Fantastic Vases To Show Off Your Valentine’s Day Flowers