Sofas are integral to every living room; in fact, a home without a sofa is just a building. A great sofa not only provides a homely comfort to your living room but can also double as the main focal point of the room. Make sure that your statement piece delivers the right message and choose something from the Frank Hudson sofas collection.

The Frank Hudson brand is synonymous with both style and quality as their skilful craftsmanship and expertise has been passed down through three generations. The company’s core values and principles are still reflected in every Frank Hudson sofa which is proudly featured in the Turnbull and Thomas collection.

Recreating vintage furniture with a contemporary twist is a forte of the brand, and Frank Hudson sofas are certainly no exception. Meticulously designed with an unerring attention to detail, each sofa represents the very best from a bygone era whilst also being excellent value for money.

The Turnbull and Thomas range also includes an array of Frank Hudson mirrors which may assist in injection more light into your room. If you are specifically looking for bedroom furniture, you may be more interested in our variety of Frank Hudson dressing tables.