The most common type of entryway furniture is the hallway bench. The hallway bench is a piece of entryway furniture that combines several convenient elements: storage, convenience, and aesthetics. 

The bench can be used to sit on when putting on shoes or taking them off, the mirror on the backing can be used to check one's makeup, hair, or necktie before heading out the door and the storage space underneath the bench seat can allow a person to store blankets, shoes or other larger stuff. 
This is a convenient and attractive piece of entryway furniture, but with or without the backing, the hallway bench will occupy a significant amount of space in the entryway, so precise and careful measurements will need to be taken before purchasing such a furniture item.

Cookham Hall Bench Grey None

Cookham Hall Bench Grey



Redmire Hall Bench None

Redmire Hall Bench



Mormont Dining Monks Bench None
Tan Leather Wood Bench None

Tan Leather Wood Bench



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