Honest and solid, no wonder we named his collection after a unique British forest. This unfailing collection is crafted from beautiful mellow solid oak, using the planked and jointed build method to create defined lines in a contemporary and fresh design. The Kielder collection boasts hand crafted brass handles, using the traditional lost wax casting method. The range is completed by the mellowed oak with white hues to induce a sense of calm and serenity. With the collection including, dining, living and bedroom furniture, it is a true celebration of Nordic inspired wooden form and quality for any home.

Kielder Sideboard None

Kielder Sideboard



Kielder Wardrobe None

Kielder Wardrobe



Kielder Bedside Table None

Kielder Bedside Table



Kielder Bench None

Kielder Bench



Kielder Chair 2 Pack None

Kielder Chair 2 Pack



Kielder Chest of Drawers None

Kielder Chest of Drawers



Kielder Coffee Table None

Kielder Coffee Table



Kielder Dining Table None

Kielder Dining Table



Kielder Display Unit None

Kielder Display Unit



Kielder Double Bed None

Kielder Double Bed



Kielder King Size Bed None

Kielder King Size Bed



Kielder Mirror None

Kielder Mirror



Kielder Nest of 2 Tables None

Kielder Nest of 2 Tables



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